Unique Debt Relief Firm

I had a few thoughts about what I think sets us apart from most representing clients caught up in the current economic meltdown.

We are local law firm reaching out to the community to help minimize the consequences of the economic downturn.  We are dedicated to providing friendly and holistic legal advice at affordable rates.  We know what is happening out there and how frightening it is, but debtors have more alternatives than they probably realize. With each potential client we thoroughly consider at least:

Nevada Mandatory Foreclosure Mediation (if we act in time)

  • Loan Modification Negotiation
  • Debt Settlement / Restructuring
  • Bankruptcy; both Chapter 13 and Chapter 7
  • Protecting Your Assets if You Simply Walk Away
  • Repairing Your Credit

Very few other firms offer advice in all of these areas.  Many bankruptcy firms only practice in bankruptcy and have little experience with loan modifications or the option of just settling debt.  Further, many “loan modification” firms are not really law firms and therefore offer no customized legal advice.

We offer a reduced fee one hour consultation and we nearly always establish a “game plan” for the potential client’s situation.  Many of my clients tell me that simply talking to me about their alternatives eases their anxiety tremendously.   We care tremendously about our clients and our community.  While we can’t guarantee any specific results, we can guarantee that we will listen each client’s concerns and provide excellent advice and support you through these tough times.


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Mark A. Goodman, Esq.