How Distinctive Is Your Trademark?

Our intellectual property intern has provided another excellent contribution. See below with my comments to follow: Spectrum of Distinctiveness for Word Marks The modern trademark law can be understood as a combination of unfair competition law and the Lanham Act. Section 9 of the Third Restatement on Unfair Competition defines “trademark” as “a word, name, […] Read More

Marijuana, IP, and Interstate Commerce

Our new legal intern, Zen Yang Pan contributes this entry. By Zhen Yang (Tommy) Pan February 13, 2015 Legalizing Interstate Commerce Marijuana Use As more states begin to legalize medical and recreational marijuana use, the trend of the market suggests that vendors want to commercialize its use. However, marijuana is legalized only under state laws, […] Read More

Mark’s Trademark Article Published!

Below please see the article I published in the December edition of Northern Nevada Business Weekly Trademarks are the legal protection for your brand. Trademark law benefits consumers by allowing them to quickly identify and select goods and services that they trust. When I walk into a Starbucks® location, I don’t have to worry about […] Read More

Redskin’s Mark Tackled

The Trademark Office has canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration, calling the football team’s name “disparaging to Native Americans.” The case was filed by 5  Native Americans in the Trademark Office itself.  The case was not filed in Court; however, my understanding is that the Redskin’s will  appeal to Federal Court. Federal trademark law does not permit registration […] Read More

An Idea and a Dream

On Saturday, January 26, 2013 I was blessed to get the opportunity to give a presentation at the Nevada Inventor’s Association here in Reno. The turnout was great, with about 40 in attendance. My talk was titled, “An Idea and a Dream”, which describes most of my patent and trademark clients. The member’s asked great […] Read More

Trademark Law Webinar

I recently performed a webinar with on trademark law with Attorney Garrett Sutton (attorney for the Rich Dad(R) network). Be forewarned that the webinar was thorough and lasted over an hour. However, we did make it very interesting, informative, engaging and fun. Click the following link and then enter your name and an email to […] Read More